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Great to meet you, and thank you for looking at my website!

Footwear design is my specialty, however, I like to think of myself a girl with many talents 'girl power'.

My background begins with textiles, where I learnt the wonders and potential of surface pattern and glorious textures - Learning all kinds of hand rendered techniques, including felt making, screen printing and texture building. This work has followed me right up to the end of my education in my masters degree. I pride myself with the notion that people can recognise my work via my use of print and surface pattern and bold qualities.

I studied Footwear Design in my BA at De Montfort University, learning the ins and outs of footwear construction and being inspired by everything around me! This part of my education filled me with practice in perfecting the making of shoes, also introducing new intelligence through biomechanics of footwear. Beginning to piece my natural flare for design with the new skills I had learnt I became very successful, being chosen for the "Cordwainers Young Designer of the Year Award" finalist. And furthermore, being nominated for "Most Innovative Designer" at the end of year degree show.

After having the opportunity to graduate, I decided I wanted to further my education and give myself every possible chance of gaining as much knowledge before entering the world of footwear by doing the MA FASHION AND TEXTILES in which I learnt not only how to be a footwear designer but, to become a designer as a whole. In which I am very proud of, I feel more confident with everything I do now, and knowing I have the greatest strength in each aspect of being a designer!

Finally, all there is left for you to know everything is... 

Contact me! if you have any questions or want to know anything else, please do so I would be more than willing to help.

Thank you!

Nicole McHugh, Footwear Designer and Innovator

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